Saturday, December 26, 2009

End of year blogging tips

I found two interesting articles full of good tips on blogging in general as well as generating discussions. A summary of each can be found below.

Pro-Bogger lists 13 types of articles that generate a lot of comments. The following is only a summary, for the full list, visit their site.


ProBlogger is an Aussie who’s been doing this for more than half a decade.

Article Types 4 Comments Techniques 4 Comments
  1. Competitions
  2. Personal Stories
  3. Show Off Posts/Share a link
  4. Creative Posts
  5. Hacks
  6. Meaty Posts
  7. Relatable Posts
  8. Question Posts
  9. Debate or Controversy Posts
  10. Opinion Pieces
  11. Humor
  12. Group Projects/Challenges
  13. Mega Lists/Resources
  1. Invite Comments
  2. Ask Questions
  3. Be Open Ended
  4. Interact with comments left
  5. Set Boundaries
  6. Be humble
  7. Be gracious
  8. Be controversial?
  9. ‘Reward’ Comments
  10. Make it Easy to Comment

Even after applying these techniques, you might find that only 1% of your visitors choose to comment..

General tips

ThemeLib hosts a multitude of themes and templates for both Blogger and Wordpress.

  1. Post regularly
  2. Use plugins or scripts to add features
  3. Use your own experience as inspiration
  4. Define a niche and stay in it
  5. Comment on blogs in your niche
  6. Aim for quality in your articles
  7. Use social marketing
  8. Clean layout and design, not moar features
  9. Be yourself!
  10. Stay positive


Join EFF!

Bloggers' Rights at EFFThe Electronic Frontier Foundation is virtually the only group of lawyers looking out for the little guy and the public good. The frequently go to court and fight for those who don’t seem to be able to do so on their own. Though based in the USA, their work affects people everywhere. They publish a legal guide (link under image), as well as a guide on how to blog safely. I donate to them annualy – make sure you do the same, as their work is not only about blogging, but also about copyrights, public domain, defence of free speech, privacy and many other issues that no other NGO is covering – at least, not as well as they do.

Sources / More info: 13-types-comments, 10-techniques-comments, 10-tips, eff-blog-safely

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