Sunday, July 1, 2012

domains as prizes

After changing the domain names for my blog recently I found myself wondering why do I bother with oh-so-many domains I keep paying without using?


If there is one thing I learned from my recent problems with 1and1 is that having your domain with your webhost is never a good idea. A company that only sells domains might try to upsell you certificates or other value-added services, but this happens far less often than with webhosts. Keeping your domains separate from your webhost will remove their ability to block your domains or blackmail you in case of a dispute.

All my domains can be administered from a separate interface which is actually responsive, and the tech support knows what they’re talking about, unlike 1and1.

Some were registered a while back with the intention of being developed, others belonged to clients who abandoned them.

  1. 20130519 
  2. 20121005 
  3. 20121005 
  4. 20121229 
  5. 20120831 
  6. 20130719 (de) 
  7. 20120831 (de)

If you’re curious, 2-3 are obviously about blogging so they are suitable for a generalist blog. may even be used as The next batch, 4-6 refer to ancient figures related to Dacia. Zalmoxis was the supreme God of a population Herodot considered “the most courageous and most honest among Tracians”, while Deceneu was a wiseman and high priest.

I will most likely give them away in some sort of contest, if anybody is interested. In any event, I will no longer renew them. They are also available for purchase. If you’re interested, make me an offer before their expiry date!

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