Friday, September 21, 2012

HufPo on The Monetization of Mom Bloggers

If you ever wondered how "mom bloggers" are doing, HuffPo published an article full of interviews with them.

Male bloggers tend to write rather technical lists and describe their experience in technical terms. This article is more personal and more descriptive. Writes Sandy Abrams:
I was curious to know what the tipping point was for Audrey from blogger to Mompreneur, as I've seen her name online and in national campaigns along with Getting Gorgeous co-founder Vera Sweeney. Audrey explains that where she is today is exactly where she had dreamed of being since 2006 when she made a decision to start blogging in hopes of monetizing at some point down the road. There was no manual for this job, no rules and no boss. Audrey says: "I wasn't blogging just for the creative outlet. I wanted to create something from nothing and build a business. In 2004, we had our first son and only a couple months later, I was pregnant again. I wanted to stay home with my kids but my husband's job was not completely secure so I wanted to build something that would allow me to work from home. I was fascinated with and I wanted to find my own niche."
The road taken is often interesting and starts with a lot of work for free. Makes you want to join in, doesn't it? :)
Sources / More info: huffpo

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