Friday, August 30, 2019 certificate expired

We have recently learned that the self-appointed “father” of Romanian blogosphere or had allowed the HTTPS (security) certificate for his main website, the blog, to expire. Visitors to his blog were greeted with the certificate error below.

This is quite remarkable, as this blog, though not as popular as his owner makes it to be, is sometimes within the top destinations among other Romanian blogs (t5-bloguri). It remains to be seen how is this as yet untackled problem (i.e., certificate expiry today, August 30, 2019) affecting its stats. In the event that other blogs were similarly “affected”.

The certificate is provided by Let’s Encrypt (links below) which allows website owners to set up encryption (https) certificates for free. All that one needs to do is simply renew the certificate when it expires, and even that can be automated to some extent.

Zoso aka Vali Petcu icon with a so-called bible in his hand with 'coae, aici eu sunt tatal vostru! nu stii - intreaba un coleg!' 1:5 Zoso, the Godfather-ul is the same blog that went through the trouble of filing a DMCA takedown while fully misunderstanding that law, and has also managed to get Bitly to needlessly present a warning on this satirical representation of his words:

Professionalism redefined: having taken all that time to censor his image, “teh Blogfather” has not time left to renew his certificates : )

Sources / More info: le-start, wiki-le, t5-bloguri

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