Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hypocrisy Zoso Style

GrandDaddy Flash rears his ugly head with advice no one is following – at least, not him.

He provides a list of pings to bigger and better blogs than his, in 3 sections which you can find below.

I looked at a few of these, and in one there was this advice:


which means, roughly:

you are too self-centered and are talking to yourself


  • And NO, this wasn’t the point.
  • And YES, it was a red light!
  • NO, the supporters aren’t the main culprits.

What you think you’re doing:

  • interaction, dialogue
  • intuition
  • direct, personal style touching the reader’s heart

What you are transmitting:

  • YES, you are so smart you know beforehand what people will say
  • you are so arrogant that only You allow yourself to be the contrarian
  • you manipulate your readership into believing you are having a dialogue
  • you prefer talking to yourself rather than being open to criticism and risking being put into your place by one with more brains than you

I won’ translate the next one, but it’s about not making excuses about what or how you write.

Which is cool and dandy, except that this article follows another:


The article “What you reading for?” starts with “No, I will not start to tell you..” Notice any incongruence? Big GrinDevilLaughingRolling on the floorSillyPartyApplause

The list password is the article title: ***

Sources / More info: /blog-articole-importante-de-citit/, /what-you-reading-for/, scrii prost

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