Saturday, June 2, 2012

End Of Page Recommended Slider

The original version of this page was removed by our provider following a bad faith / false DMCA request. To have it reinstated, we would have to agree to be governed to the laws of a foreign country. While we are considering our options, we are republishing this page with any controversial code under password protection.

20120608-000-screencapThe original text started thusly:

You may have seen on large magazine websites that they have an end of page recommendation slider. Now, you can add this to your Blogger Blogspot blog as well.

Here [at right] is what the window at the bottom of the screen looks like un-styled. Clicking the “x” will close the box while clicking the “?” will take the user to this page.

*** Show encrypted text (see FAQ for the password or simply complete the survey) ***

We also got a standard DMCA takedown notice.

*** Show encrypted text (see FAQ for the password or simply complete the survey) ***

As you can see in the DMCA request archived at ChillingEffects (link below), most of the allegedly infringing URLs are still up, suggesting that they either fought back against this frivolous request or they simply ignore it. As much as we would like to provide our readers with the code (which we know to not be infringing on the intellectual property of the alleged “owner”) we simply cannot afford to litigate this matter with little hope of recovering our costs even in the event of success. Should this harrassment continue, we will regretfully take the necessary measures to protect our good name and work, especially since Mr. “Aneesh Joseph” had never contacted us prior to filing his DMCA notice, and he is also complaining in his notice that “all of these blogs [38] rank way higher than me in Google.”

Sources / More info: tympanus-jquery, ce-aneesh-joseph

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