Sunday, April 21, 2019

Game of Thrones S08E02–Death has many faces

Having watched Episode 2 of Season 8 a little before it’s official projection, I thought I share with you my thoughts. If you read it before watching, this should be enough to peak your interest; after, feel free to tell me if we’re on the same page.

The HBO trailer doesn’t show all that much.

This episode reminds me of a movie I watched about two decades ago: Last Night (1998; trailer, full, scene). It’s about a bunch a several very different Torontonians awaiting the end of the world. Similarly, in the Game of Thrones episodes, they all congregate at Winterfell, not expecting to survive the upcoming, pre-dawn fight – except for everyone’s favorite Lannister who keeps his optimism intact, most likely for the benefit of the others. And also because he’s a happy drunk.

Here are the quotes that mark the important moments for me:

    • Jaime: don't be so hard on yourself, she fooled me too
      Tyrion: she never fooled you. you always knew exactly what she is, but you loved her anyways
    • Daenerys: I'm here because I love your brother
      Big Funny Gingerman [“romantic”, hopeful]: we're all going to die, but at least we'll die together
    • that's how I got so strong - giant's milk
    • it could be our last night in the world, you know?
    • we're probably going to die soon. I only want to know what it's like before that happens.
    • you don't have to be a king, any knight can make a knight. Kneel...
    • how about a song?

As you can see above, someone is actually having sex. But what do they mean by “it” in “what it’s like”? The French call orgasm “le petite mort” or the little death.

This episode was fun, most likely setting the stage for the long, epic battle in the next one. Should I have made this into a Youtube post, like everyone seems to do these days?!?

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